Public Movement (2017-2018)

PUBLIC MOVEMENT is a participatory project at Moderna Museet Malmö that looks at how our body’s physical presence and movements can be used to express liberation, resistance, a political stance, and identity. The contributing artists come from different parts of the world and have in a variety of ways taken an interest in the human body’s relationship to politics, popular culture, as well as to various public and commercial spaces.

How do we relate to the idea of a public space? Should it encourage consensus, or on the contrary, accommodate a variety of values and different ways of living? And how are we expected to look, act, and move when we step outside of the private and into the public? This exhibition offers several examples of how social norms and conventions can be illuminated and challenged using the physical body as a bearer of symbolic as well as political messages.

Atoosa Farahmand hold a large number of physical workshops connected to the exhibition at the museum from October 2017 untill May 2018 and thousands of people joined her workshops regardless of physical limitation, experience, or age. Atoosa also performed in the opening of the exhibition and created an improvised performance with participants in the end of the exhibition.

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