Atoosa Farahmand is a multidisciplinary artist and producer based in Sweden with an interest in politics, social issues and feminism. She is currently studying a BFA in Production Management at Stockholm University of the Arts. She mainly has worked in cultural institutions as a project leader, artistic director, choreographer and performer since arriving in Sweden as a refugee. Atoosa has widely exhibited and presented her work in solo and group settings in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, UK and US.


BFA Production Management / University of the Arts, Stockholm, Sweden [2021-2024]

International Cultural Worker/ Kulturverkstan, Göteborg, Sweden [2020-2021]


(2023) Värmeverket Unmuted
(2023) Not A Typical Persian Girl, Misschiefs, Stockholm
(2023) Not A Typical Persian Girl, Hinterland, Wien, Österrike
(2022) Polaroids in blood, Oceanen Göteborg
(2022) Not A Typical Persian Girl, Galleri Redan, Malmö
(2022) Släpp förbi mig, Blå Stället, Göteborg
(2022) That’s Riso!, Form och designcenter, Malmö
(2022) Jag är 2015, Blå Stället, Göteborg
(2021) Kiss وس Puss, Jenin Grill Konsthall, Göteborg
(2020) Fråga Mig Istället, Hammarkullen Konsthall, Göteborg
(2021) Kiss وس Puss, Misschiefs, Stockholm
(2020) Not A Typical Persian Girl, Malmö Gallerinatt
(2020) Fråga Mig Istället, Stadsbiblioteket i Lund
(2019) Fråga Mig Istället, Stadsbiblioteket i Malmö
(2019) Iran videoverk, Santiagos Stadsbibliotek, Chile
(2019) Fråga Mig Istället, Moderna museet i Malmö
(2019) White Wednesday, Underverket, Malmö


(2023) Nafas نفس Dansfestival
(2023) یک دست صدا ندارد Unmuted
(2023) Barnens fria republik
(2022 - ongoing) Not A Typical Persian Girl
(2016 - 2020) Nouruz & Yalda, Skånes Dansteater, Malmö (2020) Iran, Portrayed, Malmö
(2019) Walk Across Borders, individuell människohjälp, Malmö (2019) Dance Safari, Sommarscen, Malmö
(2019) Dance Safari, Inkonst, Malmö
(2019) Eros, STPLN, Malmö
(2019) Eros, Stenkrossen, Lund
(2018) White Wednesday, Portrayed, Malmö
(2017) Invisible Not Visible, Inkonst, Malmö
(2017) Invisible Not Visible, Sommarscen, Malmö
(2017) Invisible Not Visible, Malmöfestivalen, Malmö
(2017) 1000 Tapesh, Skånes Dansteater, Malmö
(2016) Dance Across Borders, Skånes Dansteater, Malmö (2016) Closed Borders, Skånes Dansteater, Malmö
(2016) Dansa mitt i stan, Skånes Dansteater, Malmö


(2022) Not A Typical Persian Girl
(2022) Släpp förbi mig
(2021) The square of diversity in Malmö (2020 - ongoing) I am 2015
(2020) Walk Across Borders
(2019) Ask Me Instead
(2019) Deeper than a look