A work in progress by artist Atoosa Farahmand in collaboration with Golshan Green.

On September 16, 2022,
a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Jîna Amini, was brutally killed by Iran's "morality police" for showing some of her hair, and not following the strict dress code laws. The murder of Jîna Amini has sparked a revolution and the people of Iran are standing up against the totalitarian regime and shouting the Kurdish slogan "jin jyan azadi" which means "woman, life, freedom".

This photo project is for a bleeding Iran. For the hundreds of people in Iran who have been killed since the revolution started after Jînas death. The idea is to use real blood. One gives blood and one takes blood. two performers, two women with Iranian background. One who takes the blood is a professional nurse. After that, the collected blood will be smeared on a glass surface. Making a perfect reflection of the color of blood. The performer who gave blood will use a polaroid camera that takes instax pictures of this red glass surface. Her blood is embraced by the light and shifts in different shades of red as it touches the air and temperature. Each photograph represents a name. Their names, death and blood must not be forgotten, and we must pay attention to each one of them. I plan to do this shoot again; the number of deaths has increased dramatically since I started the project and many protesters are currently at risk of execution. The Iranian regime kills children and adults like brutal butchers. They think it can stop people and the revolution but it has the opposite effect – it makes them even angrier, says the artist, Atoosa Farahmand who is behind the project.

The project Polaroids in blood has been documented in film format by Oscar Hagberg and Thomas Kulakowski.

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