Konstkupan (2018-2020)

Konstkupan is a creative meeting place in Malmö where young adults are given the space to develop their artistry, learn from each other and create bridges to the community around. Konstkupan is a three-year project started by Individuell Människohjälp in 2017, mainly for people who have experience in migration who wants to write, read, paint, run their own projects, organize a campaign, build furniture, learn to photograph and much more.

At Konstkupan there are tools, food, coffee and other things that may give creativity a boost. As an artistic director of Konstkupan, I worked closely with the participants to involve their views and needs into the direction of artistic and creative process of Konstkupan.

I could build strong bridges between Konstkupan and many other cultural places in Skåne. Konstkupan has managed to create live performances, short films, exhibitions and reach out to thousands of people as audience and participants.

Excerpts from different projects during the year. Watch the trailer for a short summary of the project.