Kiss بوس Puss (2021-)

While kissing in public places is allowed in many countries, public displays of affection are still forbidden in some societies. How often do we actually see people kissing? What norms and values determine who is allowed to kiss in public, and for how long? What does our freedom to kiss tell us about privilege and visibility? What does our reaction to kissing tell us about our own biases? And what would happen if we reframed kissing as something radical – a way to claim space in the world, instead of something secretive that must be hidden away?

This exhibition consists of a series of polaroids of couples kissing in public spaces. The black and white shots encourage viewers to shift their focus from the identity of the kissers to the act of the kissing itself. The series explores a wide variety of kisses that take place outside in the public, with the aim of encouraging people to brilliantly show their love, regardless of age, ethnicity, background, gender, or sexual orientation.