Dance Safari (2019)

Dance Safari was an exciting community project bringing amateurs and professional dancers together for a site-specific performance, led and choreographed by Nya Rörelsen and made in collaboration with participants from Konstkupan.

The performance scatters many choreographies about human interaction, connection and conversation out into a landscape where audiences must watch from a viewpoint. Provided a dance map and binoculars you must search for the dances and choose which to see, creating a fun and engaging experience of “people watching” as well as seeing our public spaces with fresh eyes! Those coming to watch are encouraged to bring headphones and a mixed playlist so you can even choose what music you want to hear with the dances.

Dance Safari brings together immigrant groups and Swedes, providing a creative hub that encourages togetherness and inclusiveness through artistic collaboration.

Nya Rörelsen:

Choreographers: Nidia Martinez, Daniel Jeremiah Persson, Graham Adey, Khamlane Halsackda, Rumiko Otsuka. In collaboration with the participants.

Dramaturgy: Graham Adey

Producer: Khamlane Halsackda

Administrator: Rumiko Otsuka

Artistic director and participants liaison: Atoosa Farahmand