Barnens fria republik (2023)

Should I do as I am told or should I do as I want?

As a ten-year-old, you are used to constantly adapting to the world around you. But what happens on the day we encounter something that makes what used to be so easy become difficult? What used to be fun becomes unbearable. How do we manage to adapt when the world we used to feel so at home in no longer seems to exist?

The Children's Free Republic is a struggle between order and chaos. On stage, we get to follow three characters who try to navigate within the order they have been forced into. But what room is there really to defy the rules that govern their world? What would happen if the order is broken?

Artistic team
Direction & drama: Bernhard Øye and Sara Raisse
Playwright: Sara Raisse
Scenography: Tilda Aspelin
Costume Design: Idah Sanderson
Mask and wig design: Emma Eastop
Lighting design: Casper Wijlhuizen
Sound design & composer: Maria Bergström
Production technical coordination: Vitalia Hansson
Producer: Atoosa Farahmand

On stage: Zoe Franzén Lakides, Anna-Jackelin Thell, Rebecca Gorwat and Atoosa Farahmand