Nouruz and Yalda (2016-2019)

I kicked off my projects at Skånes Dansteater by celebrating traditions such as Nouruz and Yalda which originates from the middle east and  her own home country, Iran. I am fascinated by discovering similarities between traditions from different countries and how celebrating traditions could bring people together. I decided to blend and celebrate similar traditions together. By crossing borders between traditions and cultures, she could reach out to different people as performers on the stage and as audience. I have celebrated Nouruz and Yalda in many years at Skånes Dansteater because I believe that it is all about bringing people together as a new family and many people who came to Sweden as migrants are alone and we as cultural worker must arrange events which can bring people who needs this kind of gatherings together. On 21st March 2016 when I celebrated Nouruz for the very first time at Skånes Dansteater, more than 280 people came as audience (The limit was 250). The company was amazed that how celebrating traditions could reach out to many new target groups and this was a starting point of trusting my visions and missions. Later on I celebrated Yalda on 12th December 2016 with the same great result. Since then  Nouruz and Yalda have been celebrated at Skånes Dansteater every year until now.